Highsnobiety Magazine

Vol. 12 Undercover Cover

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The theme of Highsnobiety Magazine issue 12 is appropriation. Though appropriation can be a bit of a dirty word, when we talk appropriation we’re speaking about the shift of culture and the evolution that happens when artists and designers influence on another. Through crossfertilization and the globalisation of subcultures, creatives around the planet are building on the groundwork laid by those who came before them, thus shaping our future.

In addition to the three covers features (Pusha T, CL and Undercover) this issue explores numerous other stories, including a look into the genre-bending world of New York’s VFiles, the reimagining of the tracksuit by London’s Cottweiler and the history of the much reproduced Marinière - the unmistakable blue and white stripes of the French military. Furthermore we spoke with the designers behind Italy’s LA-obsessed Palm Angels, NY’s Dark Prince Siki Im, Australian all-around creative Ta-Ku and others to learn more about their how they’re harnessing various influences and inspirations to create exciting new work.

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