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Hypebeast The Restoration Issue

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With 10 Issues firmly behind us, HYPEBEAST decided to approach their publication in a brand new light. For the 11th issue, HYPEBEAST Magazine will be presented in a completely revamped layout created by art and design office Number 04, as well as using a unique paper stock, thus offering a new reading experience.

While the surface of the publication has its obvious changes, we have also approached each and every feature with more attention and geist, bringing a series of interviews, features and styling shoots that delve deeper into the subject’s frame of mind than ever before.

The goal at HYPEBEAST is to dissect and explore our culture, only to reconstruct it back into a digestible media of information. With that, they’ve themed this issue around the act of restoration.

Spearheading this issue is designer Rick Owens, followed by other leaders within fashion such as Nick Wooster, Hiroki Nakamura of visvim and Dr. Romanelli. The issue also includes in-depth stories from notable individuals and brands famous for their skills in the art of restoration.

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