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Allocacoc: design, from the largest hypermarket to the smallest neighborhood convenience store. Allocacoc was founded by Yixia Jiang and Arthur Limpens, two industrial design engineers from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Since its inception, Allocacoc focuses on setting a different standard. With offices in China, USA, Japan and Netherlands. In 2014 Allocacoc received the RedDot Design Award for their PowerCube which was  followed by numerous design awards worldwide for various products created by Allocacoc.


AudioCube Portable Wood

€129.95 EUR

Internal BatteryThe audioCube |Portable| also has an internal battery life of 12 hours for situations and events where no power outlet is available.A 360 surround sound experienceMost speakers are unidirectional,...


PowerCube Extended

€14.95 EUR

This version of the PowerCube Extended has a 1,5 meter cable and five power sockets. With the included docking system, this cube can be mounted anywhere: on your desktop, on...


PowerCube Extended USB

€24.95 EUR

The PowerCube Extended USB is the most extensive version of the PowerCube. It has a 1.5 meter extension cord fitted to it, so it can be mounted anywhere to have...

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